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Jasenovac made to “swallow” all Serbs


The independent state of Croatia /NDH/, until its end, has carried out total genocide against Serbs – biologically, religiously and culturally, and the entire state and a huge number of NDH citizens have participated in the extermination of their Orthodox neighbors, shows the research of the Serbian academician Dinko Davidov, who devoted almost his entire career to collecting material on the suffering of Serbs in the NDH.

Davidov has begun his research in 1955, before being employed by Matica Srpska in Novi Sad, and he received startling information that the Serbian shrines were demolished systematically through the office for the demolition of Orthodox shrines, whose headquarters were located in Zagreb, Prague Street, number two, headed by lieutenant colonel, doctor Ante Dujmović.

This art historian, until the end of his life in May 2019, has worked wearilessly to convey the truth about crimes in NDH, and the crown of his creativity is the unique book-catalog, “Total Genocide”.

In this book, the biological genocide against the neighbors is depictured by facsimiles, and the most frightening one is the facsimile from May 1942 by Ustasha Colonel Tomislav Sertić, who reported to all units that the Jasenovac camp can “swallow” an unlimited number of Serbs.

The bestiality, rarely seen in the history of civilization, has been justified by racial laws of the state apparatus of the NDH, the parliament and the government, was pointed out in the book.

There is also a speech by Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac of February 23, 1942, on the day of the Croatian National Assembly renewal, when he has welcomed Chief Ante Pavelić, with the words that the reconstruction is following the church’s prayers and promised to “successfully assist in the reconstruction and raising of a dear homeland”.

The case of the bishop of Đakovo-Srijem Antun Akšamović who by state regulation appropriated Serbian churches in 25 villages in Slavonia, “congregation” created by baptism, which he boasted in his newspaper.

He was declared a war criminal after the war, but in 1959 Josip Broz Tito has honored him with the Order for the Expansion of Fraternity and Unity.


Source: srna


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