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“Jasenovac – The Right to Remembrance” was opened in the United Nations (VIDEO)


A Serbian-Jewish exhibition “Jasenovac – The Right to Remembrance” was opened in the United Nations a couple of days ago. The exhibition includes 800 kilograms of material on display, including: 180 billboards containing texts of the International Expert Group of Historians, 25 sculptures by sculptors Ljubisa Mančić and Katarina Tripković, and 21 drawings by artist Dragan Jelovac, a photo wall by Vukica Mikača, authentic objects from the Donja Gradina Memorial Centre, books... The exhibits include materials from the archives of Israel, Germany, USA, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Croatia.

The exact number of victims who were killed in the camp is still unknown but it is believed that as many as 800,000 (by some sources even over a million) people perished. The vast majority of victims were Serbs, followed by Jews and Roma. They were being exterminated in an effort to create a “pure” Croatia. The Stone Flower monument now stands on the site of the horrifying camp as a striking reminder of the atrocities that took place there. The memory of the hundreds of thousands killed in Jasenovac camp system will soon be stored in the new Memorial Centre Donja Gradina in the Republic of Srpska, BiH. The future memorial complex on the bank of the Sava river will be a place of commemoration and honoring and also an ambitious scientific center, which will be an unavoidable address for all researchers of the Jasenovac death camp, the Holocaust and the genocide in NDH (Independent Croatian state).

Source: Meet.the.Serbs


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