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Jasenovac – The symbol of genocide and a huge historical wound


Yesterday in the memorial area of Donja Gradina, a central event was held on the occasion of the Memorial Day for the victims of Ustasha crime in the concentration camp Jasenovac.

Rezultat slika za dan sjecanja na jasenovac

The President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović has said that Jasenovac, as the place of the most massive suffering on of Serbs in World War II, is a symbol of genocide and a huge historical wound that will never heal completely and that it has developed on the pages of hate, sick, dark ideology and the concept of extermination.

“The suffering that has happened here is more than a genocide, and neither legal nor moral terminology does not know the appropriate qualification for the maleficence, inhumanity and cruelty of the methods used for executions or for the ideological-political concept behind it”, said Cvijanović in addressing the audience in Donja Gradina.

Srodna slika

She pointed out that the horror of these crimes is not reflected only in the frightening number of innocent victims which were killed in the most cruel way, but also in the fact that it was an institutional, pre-planned genocidal project of the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/, whose ultimate aim was physical destruction of Serb, as well as Jewish and Roma people.

Cvijanović mentioned that, in history will be recorded that even the famous by the evil Nazis were disgusted of the methods used by Ustashas during the mass executions in death camps, but also during the many other bloody campaign.

Historians declare that Jasenovac was far worse than Auschwitz and other death camps in Europe during the Second World War, and that only in the area of NDH there were camps for children, Cvijanović stressed.

She reminded that in the Jasenovac’s system of death camps, children were killed in the most monstrous manner, some were burned, many were jugulated, and many found a death in the river in which they were thrown, tied together, by a couple of them in the sacks.

The President of Srpska noted that when talking about Jasenovac and Donja Gradina, in the same time speaks about Jadovno, Prebilovci, Drakulić, Šargovac, Motika, Garavica near Bihać, Stari Brod and Podrinje, as well as all other places of bloody and terrifying Ustashas’ crusades.

Cvijanović reminded that the huge price paid for freedom in the past war, but she noted that it would be much bigger that there was no Republika Srpska because of it is important to preserve and strengthen its institutions, and to maintain the balance needed for normal co-existence and cooperation in the frame of BiH.

“We live today in freedom and we have the Republika Srpska. Peace, stability and development are our main political goals. We want to cooperate with everyone and leave to our children and future generations better conditions for life and time that will be less heavy than the time in which have lived our generations and former “, said Cvijanović.

According to her words, the history of this area is full of black-and-white perceptions, distorted images and imposed stereotypes about the culprits and victims and, unfortunately, there is great misunderstanding in BiH and about BiH today, but the obligation is to speak the language of truth, remember the past and respect the victims in order to build up the future more responsibly.


His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia said today in Donja Gradina that in the Ustasha crime in Jasenovac were involved those who were supposed to spread love and read the Gospel and that many of them bloodied their hands to the elbow, they were even recorders of the crime.

Patriarch Irinej emphasized that the scream of the children heard up the sky, but not to Zagreb and to the church representatives, but not that they could not hear, but they did not want to.

“Those who were supposed to preach love among the nations, they did criminals with a sword and a knife”, said the Patriarch of Serbia after memorial service which he served to Serb’s victims killed in the Jasenovac’s system of Croatian concentration camps.

Patriarch Irinej pointed out that only God knows how many are those who are murdered in the most terrible pains.

“There is still a lot of discussion about how much this number is. Very large. The most objective researchers believe that the number of victims are over a million”, Patriarch Irinej said.

He said that revenge should not be the object of thinking, because the Serb people are Christian, Orthodox, who listens to God’s commandments and endeavourer, as much as they can, to fulfill them.

He repeated that only God knows how much the Serbian, Jewish and Roma people were killed, and reminded that those who more objectively observed and dealt with this problem, and there were also honest Germans, claimed that only in Jasenovac and in Gradina were killed at least 700,000 innocent souls.

According to his words, Croats like to brag with Nikola Tesla as their scientist, and only from his family killed more than 80 members and such families were not a small number in Serb’s countries.


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