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Jenei: Great potential for strengthening cooperation, Hungary at service of Srpska


Director of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency Gabor Jenei says the essence of the Business Forum in Banja Luka is actually a conversation that would lead to additional cooperation between the Srpska and Hungarian economies, stating that the export value of the country over EUR 100 billion comes from, is a great potential.

“The Export Promotion Agency attracted numerous investments to Hungary and strengthened the country’s export capacities. However, the structure of exports is not uniform, 80 percent of exports belong to large international companies, while the rest of the companies are owned by Hungarians,” said Jenei at the Srpska-Hungary Business Forum in Banja Luka, which today gathered representatives of more than 100 companies.

He says that the national export strategy implies the strengthening of exports to countries outside the EU and an increased share of small and medium-sized enterprises.

“There is a need for stronger branding and development of the supplier network, in order for small and medium-sized enterprises to become more competitive and to supply large companies,” said Jenei.

He noted that Hungary has gone through the procedure of joining the EU and added that he can share these experiences to partners in Republika Srpska.

“If you have any questions, you can seek /advice/ from our representatives. Our business partners can get all the information. As an agency, we offer three large groups of services – information, market analysis and connecting business partners,” said Jenei.

After the official opening and introductory speeches, the continuation of the Business Forum is reserved for bilateral meetings.


Photo: Dražan Pozderović

Source: srna.rs


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