Home Politics Joining NATO is an obligation and an objective for B&H

Joining NATO is an obligation and an objective for B&H


B&H needs to continue to meet the requirements and achieve the standards required for membership in NATO , which is one of the main objectives of the foreign policy of the country , it was announced at a public hearing about the benefits of membership in NATO.

B&H isn’t in a bad position when it comes to joining NATO, said the Minister of Defense of B&H, Dragos Milankovic.

He added that political will is needed to overcome existing obstacles and emphasized that the Ministry implements decisions made by politics.

The whole region is moving in the direction of integrating regional, European and Atlantic structures, while B&H has, in recent years, adopted a number of documents in which NATO membership is listed as a priority target, said Milankovic.

Our defense policy from 2005 to 2008, signed by the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the first step for B&H is to become a NATO member. The B&H Parliament, accordingly, adopted the Law on Defense with an Article which is committed to carrying out all activities necessary for the accession of B&H to NATO, explained Milankovic.

He added that the ministry spends 80 percent of its budget on personnel and benefits, and 20 percent is available for operations and projects.

Numerous benefits of NATO, such as its good influence on the economy and security of a country, were also discussed at the panel.


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