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Joint Forces to Fight the Coronavirus


Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović believes that health systems in BiH generally are sufficient to cope with a crisis that could cause the spread of coronavirus, noting that there are coordination and exchange of information between entity-bodies and institutions at the BiH level.

– The point is to prevent this from becoming large-scale, which would also bring us large-scale problems. Because of this, we have suspended classes, banned large gatherings and anything that poses a potential risk. We are all concerned about the situation in Italy. In order not to get into such a situation, ours is to work to prevent it. I hope we can make it, ” Cvijanović said.

She believes that BiH is facing another crisis that it cannot solve on its own, namely the migrant crisis, which is both a security and a humanitarian issue.

– It is also a serious health issue because you cannot control the stay of a large number of migrants in your territory without causing harm, – Cvijanović told BHT.

She stated that this problem should be addressed by a common regional approach of the Western Balkan countries, and reiterated that the Republic of Srpska has neither the ability nor the ability to accommodate or accommodate migrants, as some European officials / unjustifiably / expect it.

– We have the right to defend our space. In doing so, I know that no country is strong enough to deal with such a problem on its own – says Cvijanović.

She said she was outraged when the idea emerged that the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) should be bordered between BiH and Croatia because that would mean conserving certain things here.

– Beware, migrants come to you because another EU external border is leaky or under-guarded, and then you should protect some other countries here. We are in an area that would be trapped – said Cvijanović.




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