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Jose Angelo Gallegos: “The People of BiH are by far on the most genuine and grounded People I’ve met”


The founder of the company Jose Angelo Films, Jose Angelo Gallegos, from San Francisco, California, spent three months in BiH last year and decided to record a movie about our country.

Rezultat slika za jose angelo gellagos

It is a documentary film about a trip to BiH. The film is named “Bittersweet Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

As Jose Angelo Gallegos said, he wanted to crush all the negative stereotypes about BiH in the US and the rest of the world with this movie.

“I wanted to show the beauty of this country and all the good people in BiH. My wish is to encourage foreigners to visit BiH,” stated Gallegos.

As he said, he also wanted to show to citizens of BiH that they are very good people.

Gallegos filmed the movie in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar.



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