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Joseph Borrell: “Kosovo and Serbia must reach an agreement”


Newly appointed EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell says Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is taking too long.

He added that the current situation cannot be continued and that an agreement must be reached, on which he will strongly engage, and will first visit Pristina, because, he says, he already knows Serbia well.

“One thing is clear: Kosovo and Serbia must reach an agreement. That is important. I will do everything I can to meet this priority”, Borrell said.

Joseph Borrell told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina must be resumed.

“Kosovo has to abolish tariffs and Serbia has to engage fully in deep and honest dialogue”, Borrell said.

Asked if the credibility and integrity of his policies in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will be called into question by Spain’s position that does not recognize Kosovo’s independence, Borrell says that although member states differ in recognition, they are united in their commitment to solving the problem.

“If China, India and Russia do not recognize Kosovo, Kosovo will not achieve its statehood. That’s why we have to work to keep the talks going”, Borrell said.

The former Spanish Foreign Minister added that he knew Serbia well and had never been to Kosovo for “obvious reasons”.

“That’s why my first visit will be to Pristina”, Borrell announced.

He concluded that the EU cannot assume the role of a “geostrategic power” unless it first resolves the problem in its immediate environment.

Source: B92


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