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Jovan Cvijić Dedicated His Life to the Study of Serbia and the Balkans


Serbian geographer Jovan Cvijić, founder of anthropogeography and geomorphology in Serbia and the Serbian Geographical Society, professor and rector of the University of Belgrade, president of the Serbian Royal Academy, Honorary Doctor of Paris Sorbonne and Charles University in Prague, died on this in 1927.

His works on the morphology and hydrography of the Dinaric Karst and other karst regions, tectonics and glaciation of the Balkan Peninsula, studies on the Adriatic coast, the Balkan valleys and fields, Šumadija and the Pannonian Basin, and the migration of the Yugoslav people are very significant.

He played an exceptional role as an advisor to the Serbian delegation at the post-World War I Paris peace talks.

His most famous works are: “Fundamentals for Geography and Geology of Macedonia and Ancient Serbia” / three volumes /, “Anthropogeographic problems of the Balkan Peninsula”, “Balkan Peninsula and South Slavic countries”, “Geomorphology” / two volumes /, “Ethnographic maps of Yugoslav countries”, “Geographic Map of Yugoslavia”, “Speeches and Articles” / four volumes /.

He has spent his entire life studying Serbia and the Balkan Peninsula, traveling almost every year across the Balkans.

In addition to purely geographical studies, he was also engaged in geology/geomorphology, tectonics, paleogeography, neotectonics /. His monograph on karst has provoked very favorable reviews in European scientific circles, and accessible academic talk on the structure and division of the Balkan Peninsula mountains on the basis of geological-tectonic material has made him the first South Slavic geotectonic.

Cvijić also studied Balkan psychological types. What characterizes his scholarly work is the influence of climate and relief on structure/morphology/man, emphasizing practically among the first that man is an eco-sensitive being.

When he founded the University of Belgrade in 1905, he was among the first eight full-time professors who then selected other teaching staff, because then all the professors and associates of the abolished Great School were made available.

He founded the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Philosophy in 1893 and was its director from its founding until 1927. Together with a group of geographers and naturalists, he founded the Serbian Geographical Society in 1910 in Belgrade.

He was president of this society from its founding until his death. He was twice rector of Belgrade University in 1906/1907. and 1919/1920. years.

He became a world-renown scientist and received many accolades. He became a Corresponding Member of the Serbian Royal Academy on February 5, 1896, and a full member on February 4, 1899.

He was ordained president of the Serbian Royal Academy on April 12, 1921.

He was a correspondent member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Parnassos Academic Society (Athens), an Honorary Doctorate of Sorbonne and the Czech University / Prague /. He was an honorary member of many geographical, ethnographic, natural and other societies around the world / Petrograd, Budapest, Bucharest … /.

He was the recipient of the English, French and American medals for scientific papers.




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