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Jukic’s Census Decision Rejected


The National Assembly of Republika Srpska does not accept an illegal decision on a common programme for processing the data of the Population and Housing Census of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, the MPs said, is damaging to the Srpska’s interests. MPs from the political parties seated in Srpska adopted the conclusions, during a special session on Tuesday, regarding the information with respect to the activities on the BiH 2013 Population and Housing Census.

The parliament orders the Government and other entity bodies and institutions, as well as the Srpska representatives in the joint BiH bodies to actively use all rights, political and other legal instruments in order to declare the illegal common census data processing programme null and void.

The Srpska authorities will not acknowledge or publish the results of the census whose contents they consider disputable until an agreement is reached on the common data processing programme. The parliament believes that the census results will not produce any kind of a legal effect for Srpska.

If the director of the BiH Agency for Statistics, Velimir Jukic, fails to retract the illegal decision on the common data processing programme concerning the 2013 Population and Housing Census until June 25, the National Assembly orders the Government and Srpska Statistics Institute to withdraw their representatives from the Central Census Bureau and demands that the remaining two Serb members be ordered to leave the Bureau.

In these conclusions, the parliament instructs the Government to draft a law on the population and housing census of Republika Srpska to allow the entity Statistics Institute to publish the census results.

These conclusions come into force on the day of adoption.

The National Assembly also adopted the information on the realisation of activities regarding the BiH 3013 Population and Housing Census.

Members of the Homeland Coalition did not attend the meeting.

Following a unanimous adoption of the conclusions, speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic declared the special session of the parliament closed.

After a 10-minute break, the MPs will resume the 12th regular sitting with a discussion of the draft decision to adopt a draft zoning plan of the Andricgrad special purpose area in a summary procedure.

Source: Srna


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