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Jukic’s Decision Is Unilateral


 Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Mirko Sarovic, has told SRNA that the BiH Council of Ministers has not received any request to review the population census issue, thus he assumes this will be in focus in coming days, given that a unilateral decision was made today by the Director of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, Velimir Jukic“Deputy to the Agency Director from the ranks of Serb people, Miljan Popic, has reacted and put this director’s decision into question, as it was pointed that the decision was not in accordance with the applicable law. It is highly important to wait and see the reactions of the FBiH Statistics Institute, which is one of three key factors,” said Sarovic.

According to him, despite this unilateral decision, nothing in BiH can be done without the consent of the entity institutes of statistics.

“Deputy director from the ranks of Serb People timely outlined his position and the reaction of the Republika Srpska Statistics Institute is on hold now. If the request is forwarded to the BiH Council of Ministers and is put on the agenda, we will take our position in this regard and consult with the relevant institutions of Republika Srpska, “added Sarovic.

Director of the BiH Statistics Agency Velimir Jukic issued today a decision on a single programme for BiH census data processing without the consent of the entity institutes, according to which 196,000 disputable population questionnaires will be treated as residents.

Deputy Director Miljan Popic expressed his disagreement with the decision on a single programme for census data processing.

“In this way, we will obtain inaccurate data that will not comply with the Law on Population Census held in 2013,” warned Popic.

Source: SRNA


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