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“Jumko” plans to employ 100 workers in Drvar


Drvar Mayor Dušica Runić said yesterday that the opening of a new Yumko production facility in this municipality is hope for the survival of Drvar residents and a reason for them to stay in this town.

She has stressed that Drvar residents are grateful to Serbia and Republika Srpska for their support, as the FBiH and Livno Canton do not provide any aid to Drvar.

“Thanks to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, a Yumko production facility will start operations by the end of the year and will employ around 100 people. Vučić and Dodik recognized the problem of unemployment and today we see that Yumko will resolve vital problems of many Drvar residents,” Runić told reporters after a visit to the Yumko production facility together with Dodik and Serbia’s Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

Vulin has said that the new Yumko production facility will provide a livelihood for 100 Drvar residents and that they will have a reason to believe in the future and remain in their homes.

“They were expelled from here, but now it’s time for them to return and stay,” Vulin said.

He has said that the reconstruction of the Yumko production facility cost 500,000 Euros and that the Serbian Government will do everything in its power for this company not only to open a production facility here but to increase the number of employees.

He has said that Serbia is taking care of all Serbs no matter where they live and that they should know that this will be so as long as Aleksandar Vučić is heading the state.

“Every Serb, no matter where they live, will be protected in every sense of the word. Vučić asked me to tour the production facility and to report on the progress of works, with expectations that his word will be expected as always.
This means that this production facility will be opened by the end of the year,” Vulin told reporters.

Yumko General Director, of Vranje, Branislav Trajković, has said that 300 Drvar residents applied for jobs even though it was planned to employ 100.

“The reconstruction of the facility is in progress and the facility will be opened on December 20. Training for potential workers that will last for one year will be organized,” said Trajković.

He expressed satisfaction with the opening of the plant’s production facility in Drvar and wished everyone much success.

Drvar officials, SNSD members of the BiH House of Representatives, including Nikola Špirić, Serbian Consul in Mostar Marija Bakoč, and Mayors of Serb Municipalities in the FBiH toured the new Yumko production facility.


Source: srna


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