“Jumko” Plant Opened in Drvar


    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and the Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković have opened a “Jumko” plant in Drvar, which will have 100 workers, and whose construction has been allocated by the Serbian government 500,000 euros.

    80 workers have already been employed and another 20 are planned to be employed.

    The opening of the “Jumko” plant was attended by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, ministers in the governments of Srpska and Serbia and representatives of Republic of Srpska in the institutions of BiH.

    Vučić emphasized that they had fulfilled their promise.

    -These women work at Jumko today. Salaries are not large, but we will strive to increase them. In every municipality in RS, we are implementing a project, which has not happened before. We will continue to connect with Srpska and BiH. I am convinced that the gratitude of these people will continue to be a great impetus for us – said Vučić.

    He pointed out that this was a significant factory for Drvar, a flywheel that the municipality needed.

    Vućić said he spoke with the mayors of many municipalities today and plans many more projects here in all those municipalities.

    He told the residents of Drvar that they can always count on Serbia and that nothing could be the border, because, “although we live in different countries, we always belong to the same, Serbian people.”

    Speaking in front of the new Jumko plant, Vučić pointed out that since the last time he visited the city five months ago, Serbia had transferred 925,000 euros to the city’s account for water and infrastructure.

    He announced his assistance to the Health Center, which he also visited today, both in rebuilding and in the salaries of employees.

    – We are here to help one another and we will always do that. You can count on Serbia. Just as much as we know that Drvar is with Serbia and how much he loves Serbia, we love you just as much – said the President of Serbia.

    Višković pointed out that happiness on the faces of “Jumko” workers say everything.

    – This is a great contribution of Serbia. Our people in the FBiH are not in an enviable position and the assistance of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia is a guarantee of survival in this region. It should not be forgotten how many Serbs were in the FBiH before the war and how many there are now. Our commitment is to help our people and we will continue to do that with Serbia – Višković emphasized. He stressed that there is no municipality in Srpska that Serbia has not helped.

    Višković pointed out that, thanks to Serbia, the Republic of Srpska can help Drvar and the people there, he says, in some way satanized “by the government that should irritate its citizens.”

    – If the federal authorities, even the RS, try to punish them for not returning what they should by law, they can think that they treat you, the Serbs in the FBiH, – Višković said.
    He told the residents of Drvar that they had not been forgotten and that this visit was proof of that.

    – And you will never be forgotten. We perceive this place as all places in the RS, and we will treat it the same as all places in the RS – added Višković.

    He emphasized that Vučić had made a lot of promises, but that he believed that as a person who fulfilled what he had promised, he would fulfill everything he said.

    – Any help will improve the quality of life of people, and for those who left will be an outstretched hand to return and be on their own – added Višković.

    After the opening of the Jumko factory, officials are expected to visit Tito’s cave.

    Worker Jovana Arsić Vrebac expressed her pleasure at getting a job at “Jumko”.

    – This is of great importance for our local community and its development, as well as for the stay of young people in centuries-old hearths. I believe that Srpska and Serbia will continue to assist the municipality of Drvar, for which I am immensely grateful – said Vrebac.


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