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Karadzic: Serbs people won, free in their own country!


The first Republika Srpska President, Radovan Karadzic, says that the Serb people has already won, that Republika Srpska was created and that the Serbs are free in their own country.

Marko Sladojevic, a lawyer and a member of Radovan Karadzic’s defence team, read the message written by the first president of Republika Srpska after the judgment was handed down, in his statement for the RTRS.

“The sacrifice I am making is smaller than the others. Thousands of young men built Srpska with their lives. Many are post-war invalids, while the mothers whose sons, often the only ones, gave their lives for the freedom of the Serb people made the greatest sacrifice. Those are true sacrifices,” said Karadzic.

He pointed out that this “pathetic revenge” of the Hague Tribunal cannot do anything to him, an old man.

“We did not surrender in even harder times, thus, I, imprisoned here, will not stop fighting for the truth about our just struggle during the war that was imposed on us and in which all three peoples suffered greatly,” Karadzic said.

The first president of Srpska said that “degenerate subjects commit the crimes in every war, especially in the civil war, who the state prosecuted and convicted.”

“We vigorously fought for the freedom and equality of the Serb people in BiH. Thus, we always have to be dignified, with no hatred towards others, but to proudly guard what is above all of us – our Republika Srpska,” said Karadzic.

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague today handed down the appeal judgment to first Republika Srpska President Radovan Karadzic sentencing him to life imprisonment.


Source: srna


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