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Karan: Formula for peace in BiH is called Republika Srpska!


Professor of constitutional law Siniša Karan said that it is completely natural and a fact that every nation in the world wants to have its own state, and the Serb people do not dispute this with any nation.

– However, Republika Srpska is not only the historical aspiration and desire of the Serb people to have their own state, but also a formula for peace – said Karan in a statement for Srna.

He emphasized that in multi-ethnic communities, federal states, the formulas for peace in the political and security sense are federal units, and in BiH it is Republika Srpska.
In this regard, he added, all those who attack Srpska, all those who are against it, are directly against peace.

– We will remind you that peace was established when the Republika Srpska gave up part of itself, its sovereignty.

So, without Republika Srpska, there is no BiH! It is precisely for this reason, all you over-caring gentlemen from certain Western embassies, followers of the unconstitutional Constitutional Court of BiH, should love Republika Srpska in order to preserve BiH – said Karan.

Everyone who fights for BiH, said the professor of constitutional law, should see and understand that they should be the first to fight for Republika Srpska, because it is the guarantor of the survival of BiH.

– The actions of /Christian/ Schmidt and certain ambassadors have gone from working on the political overthrow of the system in BiH to the security issue of destroying peace and the only peaceful framework for the common life of Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks in BiH. So, gentlemen, the formula for peace in all multi-ethnic states of the world is federal arrangement, because there is no other guarantor of the equality of people in such states, and that Republika Srpska is actually a pillar of the constitutional system of a complex, multi-ethnic, federal state union of BiH – Karan pointed out.


Source: srna.rs


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