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“King Peter I” Best Film at Chicago Festival


The feature film and this year’s Serbian representative in the Oscar race, “King Peter the First,” was named the Best Film at the Serbian Serbian Film Festival in Chicago, the film’s producers said.

The “Towards a Light Without Borders” festival is held every year, lasting three days, and awards were given for the first time this year.

The jury, consisting of Yeshe Karbonier, founder of the First Florida International Film Festival, Joshua Chicoine, founder and director of the Chicago International Music and Film Festival, Stefanija Djokic, political scientist, and Mila Filipovic, journalist, presented the award to director Peter Ristovsky, but also to the young To Momcilo Gavric for the extremely played role of the youngest Corporal.

Receiving the award, director Petar Ristovski said that he was extremely honored to have been part of the festival and thanked the organizers for their invitation and cordial welcome and hospitality.

“It is an honor for you to allow our film to participate in the Festival and to host my family, which is part of the film crew. There have been many great and good films made in Chicago, so it feels like I was already here. Because I am it grew with domestic cinema, but with one eye I was always with old and new Hollywood, “pointed out director Petar Ristovski.

He added that such historical films are eternal cultural monuments, which help us to remember who our ancestors fought for freedom.

“I also had this in mind while working on this film, those stories of our ancestors that enabled us to fight in different fields today. The name Peter means stone, rock, and that is in some ways the essence of King Peter’s character. which I wanted to show, “Ristovski said.

Commenting on the upcoming competition for the prestigious Oscar Award, Ristovski said that the fact that “King Peter the First” was a Serbian representative is very important for the entire production that worked on the realization of this film and for him personally it is a great honor to represent his country in America.

In addition to the director, the festival hosted actresses Teodora and Danica Ristovski, who, along with actors Milos Bikovic and Miodrag Radonjic, attended screenings and a press conference.

The festival this year was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Serbia.




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