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“King Peter I” is Serbia’s Oscar nominee for best foreign language film


The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony will take place on February 9, 2020 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Serbia has selected its candidate for the prestigious Academy Awards – Oscars. The film “King Peter I” (Kralj Petar I) by Petar Ristovski, based on the novel “King Peter’s Socks” by Milovan Vitezovic, will represent Serbia.

As a young man Petar Karadjordjevic was expelled from Serbia by the rival Obrenovic dynasty. He never succeeded in forging a strong connection with the country he came from, the people to whom he was a potential king, nor the title that rightfully belonged to him.

With a combination of historical circumstances, he returned to his homeland, introduced a parliamentary democracy to the court and began the reconstruction of Serbia. But Serbia cannot make progress. The First World War begins with the assassination in Sarajevo. After two heroic battles at Cer and Kolubara, the government decides that the withdrawal of the army is inevitable.

During the painful retreat across the Albanian mountains, the king meets Makrena, the mother of soldier Marinko. Unable to find her son in the endless columns of the retreating army and people, she asks the king himself to promise to deliver to her son a pair of socks that she had knitted. Unfortunately, the king finds Marinko frozen. Makrena dies on the grave of a young Austrian soldier, mourning all sons on behalf of all mothers – the innocent victims of war.

With terrible losses, the Serbian army reaches Corfu and the island of Vido – the island of death but also of Serb resurrection! Before his own death, Peter I built a monument to Makrena in her native village of Slovac.

He had one wish on his own deathbed: to wear the pair of socks that he had failed to deliver to Marinko.



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