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King’s Bell Repaired


The church bell which was gifted to the Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos in Srebrenica back in 1925 by the main board of the Society of Princess Zorka headed by, as it reads, the king of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, Alexander I Karađorđević, has recently been repaired and brought to the church yard.

The principal of the church, Protopresbyter Aleksandar Mlađenović told Srna the bell, which was damaged in the 1990s war, was reconstructed by craftsman Radan Lazić from Bijeljina.

“We decided to keep it on display for a while as a museum exhibit and then it will be lifted up in the church dome again, which requires special preparations and engagement of experts and appropriate machinery because it is very heavy,” Mlađenović emphasised.

According to him, the old church bell, which will turn 100 in six years, will be returned to its genuine place to the joy of believers.

He said that it will chime again and call the faithful to holy liturgies and announce Orthodox holidays and religious rituals and celebrations.

The bell was cast in the Technical Institute in Kragujevac during the rule of King Alexander, Queen Marija, Crown Prince Petar, and His Holiness Dimitrije, Serbian Patriarch.

An inscription on the bell reads that it was cast during the time in office of Prime Minister Nikola Pašić, minister of religion Miša Trifunović and minister of army and navy Dušan Trifunović, who were also members of the Society of Princess Zorka main board.


Source: srna


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