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Klokić: New Link with Roots through Register


​The Republic of Srpska continues to strengthen ties with the diaspora, and a new step towards that goal is a specific register whose establishment and keeping was supported yesterday by the Republic Government.

Connecting Srpska, which, along with Serbia, is seen by many as the motherland of the Serbian people and people in the diaspora originating from this area, has been set as one of the priorities for establishing permanent mechanisms for strengthening economic, cultural, scientific and other cooperation between Srpska and Serbs abroad.

The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation, Zlatan Klokić, told Glas yesterday that the Government had given the green light to establishing and keeping the Diaspora Register with the aim of systematic collecting of data on citizens, legal entities and various diaspora associations for the purpose of strengthening, developing cooperation and planning the activities of institutions.

The adoption of the Decree has created the necessary legal framework for the establishment and keeping of the Diaspora Register. The goal is to collect and process the data on the diaspora in a systematic and up-to-date manner to enable the Republic institutions to plan activities in the field of strengthening cooperation with the diaspora. The Register will be available on the platform www.dijasporars.com, where individuals as well as business entities and associations will be able to register – Klokić pointed out.

He added that the next step was greater promotion of activities through social networks, media, and that invitation to join the Register would be addressed to everyone.

We need as precise data as possible – said Klokić, reminding that Srpska has already adopted a strategic framework for cooperation with the diaspora, including five clear goals and steps to strengthen ties for mutual benefit and interest.

The idea of comprehensive institutional cooperation with the diaspora has been alive for several years, starting with the diaspora forums held in 2018 and 2019, with the aim of deepening ties between Srpska and the diaspora, promoting and preserving national identity in the diaspora, and establishing mechanisms for diaspora involvement in the development of the Republic. The first forum brought together about 150 participants from 26 countries, including professors, culture professionals, businessmen, members of state, provincial and local parliaments, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, humanitarian, student and other organizations. After that, the Government established a department for institutional cooperation and diaspora within the Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation, as an institutional point for cooperation with the diaspora. Some guidelines crystallized after the second forum, and found their place in the strategy for cooperation with the diaspora and Serbs abroad.

The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted the series of forums. However, holding of a new forum is planned this year, but everything depends on the epidemiological picture. That is why we are considering holding it through online platforms, but I hope that we will gather our people in Banja Luka or some other city and make plans for the future in person. In addition, Istočno Sarajevo plans to hold a large forum of the diaspora – citizens originating from that region this year, and the Ministry and the Government will support the organization – concluded Klokić.

Source and photo: Glas Srpske


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