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Knezevic: Europe is interested in Srpska’s unspoiled nature


Europe is drawn to Republika Srpska’s villages, unspoiled nature and its natural food production, said Marija Knezevic, a Professor at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Banja Luka.

At the seminar “Women’s entrepreneurship and organization within the agribusiness” held in Doboj, Knezevic added that worldwide rural tourism is among the top ten forms of tourism.

According to her, based on ownership of land per capita BH is among the top countries in Europe and third in respect to drinking water. However, she added that these resources are not adequately utilized.

Knezevic reiterated that our country towns are desolate, whilst we have all the elements to be real farmers.

Doboj’s Tourist Organization representative, Marija Ivic, said that in order for rural tourism to be reanimated the tax paying system must be modified.

She said that due to the small number of tourists, tourism isn’t a priority for rural households and thus they do not want to register with the Agency for Intermediary, and Financial Services.

Another topic of discussion at the mentioned seminar was the importance of women in the agribusiness, whilst the development of women’s entrepreneurship in the countryside was listed as a future intention of Republika Srpska.


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