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Kojić: The Hague Archive Is Hiding the Truth, We Will Not Allow It to Go to Sarajevo


The Republic of Srpska will not allow The Hague tribunal’s archive to end in Sarajevo, as it hides the truth about war events in BiH, unlike Hague judgments that are based on lump-sum estimates and do not reflect facts and evidence, said to Srna, director of the Republican War Research Center crimes and search for missing persons Milorad Kojić.

Kojić emphasized that it is important that the institutions of Srpska, and thus the Republican Center for the Study of War, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons, fully respect the conclusions of the National Assembly and the Government of Republic of Srpska when it comes to the final resolution of the status of The Hague archives.

– We have to insist on that. This means that whatever has been forcibly taken away or handed over to the Hague Tribunal by our institutions is the property of our institutions and should be returned to the archives in Srpska. We will not change this attitude until this issue is finally resolved – said Kojić.

He recalled that the Republican Center for Research on War, War Crimes and Searching for Missing Persons was struggling to establish an information and documentation center in Banja Luka, but was informed by The Hague tribunal that the final status of the Hague archive would not be resolved.

According to him, the Hague Tribunal has in its archives a lot of documents that talk about what really happened in this area in the 1990s.

– These documents have not been made available to defense teams, including General Ratko Mladić’s defense team. In this way, the Hague tribunal wants to hide what could greatly change the image they persistently try to impose through judgments. Bosniaks no longer insist on prosecuting war crimes but on enforcing judgments through various formats, including passing laws to deny so-called genocide – said Kojić.

He said that after the release of documents from foreign archives, as has happened recently in the UK, it is quite clear that the Hague Tribunal has a motive not to make its documentation available to the public.

– These documents speak very differently from what the Hague tribunal ruled and therefore have a motive not to make its archive available to the full public – said Kojić.

Academician Nenad Kecmanović said earlier that according to official information from The Hague tribunal, which went unnoticed in the media, the Hague archive would be entrusted to Sarajevo.

The reason for this, he said, was that in the Netherlands there was a freedom of information and that the data of the Srebrenica Tribunal would be made available to journalists, lawyers, researchers, scientists, and the choice of Sarajevo would make it possible to hide whatever the alleged Srebrenica genocide calls into question.




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