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Košarac: The interventionism of the OHR and the US Embassy is the main destructive factor in BiH


The interventionism of the OHR and the US Embassy are the main destructive and disruptive factors in this country, because of which it is impossible to make a step towards a more functional and European BiH, said Council of Ministers Deputy Chairman, Staša Košarac.

Košarac pointed out that the /Christian/Schmidt-/Michael/Murphy axis poisoned internal political affairs and brought BiH into a serious phase of disintegration.

“This duo is the mastermind of the politically staged process against the legitimately and legally elected President of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, who implemented the obligations prescribed by the Constitution in a constitutional manner,” emphasized Košarac.

According to him, the only correct and possible solution is ending the farce before the unconstitutional Court of BiH with an acquittal and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH withdrawing from that fabricated case, and that any other solution leads BiH into a serious problem with unfathomable consequences of various connotations.

He emphasized that the Srpska representatives always warned that the interventionism of the international community, primarily through the activities of the OHR and the illegitimate high representative, harms internal relations in BiH, distancing this country from dialogue and internal agreement between local politicians.

“Under the baton of Schmidt and Murphy, the Bosniak political structure gave up on all the agreements we reached on the European path. If they really want what is best for BiH, the solution is to close the OHR and illegitimate Schmdt’s departure, and an agreement between the two entities and the three constituent peoples in accordance with the letter of the Dayton”, Košarac posted on Instagram.



Source: srna.rs


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