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Košarac: Zagreb’s Behaviour Worrying


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, voiced concern on Monday due to the fact that Croatia’s institutions were not giving up on constructing a radioactive waste landfill at the Trgovska gora site.
“It is very worrying for me. It is pity that someone, obviously, wants to politicize the solution that was manifested in all institutions in BiH,” Košarac told the press in Sarajevo.

He expressed the belief that BiH would articulate its needs and protect the local population in the Trgovska gora area.

“We must be responsible. It is a pity there are irresponsible moves by certain individuals through the fact that this item is not on the agenda of the Council of Ministers’ sessions,” Košarac said.

He believes that the composition of the BiH expert team tasked with finding the solutions for Trgovska gora, is unquestionable.

Despite the citizens on both sides of the Una River opposing to it, as well as the representatives of local authorities in the Una River Basin in Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, the Una-Sana Canton Government, Republika Srpska and BiH authorities, Croatia is still planning to dispose of radioactive waste from the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in the Čerkezovac barracks in the municipality of Dvor, on the border with BiH.

In addition to the radioactive waste from the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, the existing institutional waste would be deposited at this location.


Source: SRNA


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