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Kosovo Albanians plan to attack north – Seselj


Kosovo Albanians plan to storm the four Serb-majority municipalities in northern Kosovo with arms, opposition SRS party leader Vojislav Seselj said on Thursday.
Beta is reporting that Seselj told a news conference these incidents would happen “during or after the visit of NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to Kosovo.”

According to announcements, Stoltenberg should visit Kosovo on Friday.

Seselj said he was making this information public “in order to prevent incidents,” adding that this was “not a threat to Albanians, but a call on the state to react and protect the Serb population.”

“Our goal is to avoid armed incidents, but if they do happen, the state must react,” he said.

According to Seselj, Serbs have weakened themselves by making big concessions to Albanians – “but in this case Serbs from northern Kosovo must be prepared for a sudden armed attack,” while Serbia “must do all it can to protect them.”

The SRS leader also said that Kosovo Albanians “categorically rejected everything” during Wednesday’s negotiations in Brussels, “and made it clear that what is useful for Serbs, particularly the Community of Serb Municipalities, will not be implemented, stating that independence is for them the only option.”

“The last round of negotiations in Brussels fell through, but we’re not sorry about that. We expected that, because the two packages of Brussels agreements brought nothing good to Serbs, only to Albanians, while what was useful for Serbs and what was the Albanian side’s obligation has simply not been realized, and they made it clear it never will be,” Seselj told reporters.

Source: B92


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