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Kosovo Assembly adopts laws to establish army


The Kosovo Assembly in Pristina on Friday adopted three draft laws allowing for transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into an army.

Several future “soldiers” also walked into the parliament.

RTS is reporting said that the legislation in question was passed “under accelerated procedure and unanimously.”

The decision, that comes after years of trying, has been supported by the US and Germany, but is opposed by the EU and NATO, that is currently (through KFOR) tasked with guarding Kosovo’s borders.

Friday has been described by Belgrade and Pristina press as “D-Day.” At the same time, KFOR members have been deployed on a bridge that separates Kosovska Mitrovica to its northern and southern part, while NATO helicopters were flying over Pristina.

Serbia is strongly opposed to the formation of an army in Kosovo. President Aleksandar Vucic announced he would visit the Ground Safety Zone.


Source: b92


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