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Kosovo police official arrested on terrorism charges


The Serbian police have arrested the director of the Kosovo police for the region of Kosovska Mitrovica, Nehat Thaci.
The Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) confirmed this on Thursday morning.

Thaci was arrested on Wednesday, at around 20:00 CET, at the administrative crossing of Konculj (between Kosovo and central Serbia), on an arrest warrant issued in 2010 for the crime of terrorism, the MUP added.

Based on the 2010 decision of the Higher Court in Nis, southern Serbia, that ordered his detention, Thaci has now been taken to a detention unit.

Earlier in the day, Tanjug reported the news citing a report in Gazeta Express, an Albanian language daily published in Pristina.

This newspaper said that Thaci was arrested by the Serbian police “while on his way to Nis (a town in southern Serbia) where he was to attend a court hearing.”

The Kosovo police have also confirmed that the arrest took place, but Kosovo police spokesman Daut Hoxha said on Thursday morning that when it happened, Thaci was “on his way to a Western European country, traveling in a car through the territory of Serbia.2

According to the same spokesman, the arrest happened “after midnight on Thursday, at the Bela Zemlja (administrative line) crossing, near Bujanovac.”

Hoxha could not say why Thaci was arrested, and added that he should appear before the Basic Court in Nis during the day on Thursday.

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