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“Kosovo recognition depends on RS – and so, it won’t happen”


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik believes that the statements by Bosniak presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic lead to destabilization, making him be the first man promoting violence in the Balkans.

Commenting on Izetbegovic’s statement that BiH should recognise the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Dodik has pointed out that a Bosniak presidency member dangerously abuses the position he holds, since what he is saying is not BiH’s position, but his personal, thus he cannot represent BiH.

“He is also saying that he would attack Republika Srpska. The question is with what, from which empty gun he can shoot, to what friends he is referring to? These from Syria, who have just lost the Islamic State, which both himself and his father Alija Izetbegovic, who wrote the political platform for an Islamic state, have dedicated themselves to,” Dodik told SRNA.

The president of Srpska has reminded that Alija Izetbegovic spoke about sacrificing peace for BiH and that he did so, while Bakir’s message is similar.

“The fact is that Bakir Izetbegovic is telling nonsense and is being carried away with his alleged success by saying that he would recognise Kosovo and attack Republika Srpska with his own /I do not know what kind of/ forces. It is impossible to separate the Kosovo issue from speaking about recognsing it, because then you do not recognize the territorial integrity of Serbia to which Bakir is allegedly trying to send a message that he wants to cooperate with,” Dodik has noted.

President Dodik said that Republika Srpska will take its own course, that it has got the way to defend itself and someone to help it.

“Bakir Izetbegovic does not need to worry about it, nor does he need to know anything about. Where are his statements through which he wants to tell us that he is allegedly ready to gather BiH patriots, coming from,” Dodik has said.

Dodik points out that there are no BiH patriots in Republika Srpska, and as far as he understands the situation, there are no ones with Croats in BiH, too.

“Maybe some of these patriots are the Islamic State members, while the rest of the Bosniak world is not ready for any radicalization. But Bakir Izetbegovic does not mind it and he would continue to promote the idea of war,” added Dodik.

He has noted that there is no formal decision on the independence process in Republika Srpska, but that the Srpska people do think about it. “And the fact that kind of thinking bothers Bakir is his problem,” added Dodik.

According to Dodik, such Bakir’s statement speaks mostly about him, he lives in a stereotype, which can be a dangerous thing for Srpska, since he threatens with violence.

Dodik has said that there are no forces in Republika Srpska ready for violence, that Srpska is practicing a peaceful policy and is ready to solve problems by using political instruments.

“And Bakir, I see, he is ready to deal with this issue with military means. I will just let him know that we have a way to defend ourselves, and that crossing the entity line with anyone should not cross his mind. And we will thoroughly think about how long we will put up with the SIPA and the BiH Armed Forces here,” Dodik has said.

According to him, Bakir Izetbegovic sends a message via such statements that there are those who are ready to use violence within those forces in the territory of Srpska.

Commenting on Bakir Izetbegovic’s statement that Serbia should give up the imposition in Sandzak and “let the people breathe freely in there,” Dodik has pointed out that Izetbegovic improperly interferes in the internal affairs of another country, which represents an attack on Serbia.

“Masks have been fallen here, even in those in Belgrade who thought Bakir Izetbegovic is a link for normalization of relations,” Dodik has said.

Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, claims that BiH will recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, which, he said, it should have done before.

In case Republika Srpska takes Catalonia’s course and declares independence, Izetbegovic said that he will do what all patriots in the country would do. “Defend what we gained the right to during the fight between 1992 and 1995, including the Dayton Peace Accords itself,” he said.

Speaking of Sandzak, Izetbegovic told Deutsche Welle that he is not satisfied with the position of that region in Serbia, which is mostly populated by Bosniaks.

“I believe that Serbia should desist from being paternalistic towards Sandzak. Serbia should desist from imposition because nothing good can be achieved with the imposition; and it is about the participation of Bosniaks in the police, prosecution, judiciary, or when it comes to school names,” added Izetbegovic.

According to him, this region should be left to those people to breathe normally, to build the infrastructure. 




Source: srna




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