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“Kosovo” was not accepted into Interpol


The self-proclaimed state of Kosovo has failed to become a member of Interpol in two rounds of voting on Tuesday, at the General Assembly held in Dubai.

The first round’s result was 76 votes in favor, 56 against, 22 abstained.

There was a 20 minute break before the second round.

During that break, B92 has learned, “a battle for votes” was in full swing, as there was attempt to “pull out of the hall” where the voting took place the members of those delegations who voted against Kosovo, and in that way reduce the “against” votes in the second round.

RTS is reporting the second round results as follows: 68 in favor, 51 against, 16 abstained.

B92.net learned this morning that during the debate that preceded the vote, ten countries spoke in support of Serbia’s opposition to Pristina’s bid: Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, China, Belarus, Russia, Namibia, Venezuela, Suriname, and Romania.

A two-thirds majority was needed for Pristina’s attempt to join the organization to succeed.

Pristina in the past unsuccessfully applied for membership in 2010, 2015, and 2017.



Source: b92



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