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Kotor Varos – Lowest rate of unemployment in B&H


Kotor Varos is the municipality with the lowest rate of unemployment in B&H. Currently it has a 6.5% higher employment rate then prior to the civil war.

Recently Kotor Varos received recognition from Bikon plus for creating a favorable business environment for foreign investment, said the Mayor of this municipality Dalibor Vucanovic.

This community, with a budget of 6.5 million KM, is characterized by the fact that there are 2.3 workers per pensioner, which is not common in small post war municipalities.

Furthermore, at the decleration of the most successful businessmen in Srpska, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, two businessmen from Kotor Varos received recognition in their respective categories.

According to Vucanovic Kotor Varos will work on increasing its employment rate and attracting investors. Currently, apart from investors from Italy and Germany who have already invested in this municipality, there are numerous other foreign companies interested in expanding their business to this part of Srpska.


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