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Kovačević: Cannot See Anything Disputable About Attending Meeting at the Invitation of BiH Official


Director of the BiH Personal Data Protection Agency, Petar Kovačević, tells SRNA that he has received a letter from EU Ambassador to BiH Johann Sattler, OSCE Head of Mission to BiH Kathleen Kavalec and US Embassy Charge d’Affaires in Sarajevo Ellen Germain concerning his attendance in a meeting held on February 20 in East Sarajevo.
“I attended the meeting at the invitation of Council of Ministers Chairman /Zoran Tegeltija/. I do not see anything disputable since as a BiH official, I attended the meeting at the official invitation of a BiH official,” Kovačević said.

He added that the received letter was addresses to his official address and that the Agency headed by him was cooperating with this EU Delegation, the OSCE and the US Embassy.

Kovačević said he would analyze the letter and see next week how its content would be defined.

“I have never responded or will ever respond to the invitation of party leaders,” Kovačević said.

Yesterday, the Arguments /Argumenti! portal reported that threatening letters addressed to Serb representatives in BiH joint institutions who attended a meeting convened by Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik in East Sarajevo on February 20 began to arrive.

A letter, which is in the possession of the portal, warns participants of the meeting that, as heads of those services, they must act independently from political influence and avoid any activities that can question their independence.

Serb representatives are urged to “comply with European standards and are warned that they are representatives of BiH, not representatives of Republika Srpska and, as representatives of the state level, must represent all BiH citizens, regardless of ethnic or political affiliation.

According to the portal, the letter reads that their participation in a political meeting that seriously questions their independence and impartiality is unacceptable for both BiH and its European path

The persons to whom the letters were sent to are not on the payroll of any of the institutions whose representatives have signed the letter, thus all this remarkably reminds of the darkest times of the High Representatives’ dictatorship, the text points out.




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