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Kovačević: There will never be any “Storms” over the Serbs again, while Helez threats, embassies stay silent


The delegate of the Serb People’s Club in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Radovan Kovačević, said that no “Storms” will ever rise over the Serbs again and that the Serb people will never leave Republika Srpska, and that Republika Srpska also has the right to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina if it continues to be threatened.

Kovačević stated for SRNA that it was not long after the adoption of the shameful resolution on Srebrenica in the UN General Assembly, for the Bosniak political representatives, on the basis of that adopted resolution, to begin to call for the abolition and disappearance of Republika Srpska, as well as the entire Serb people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“What we heard from Zukan Helez as someone who represents the top of Bosniak politics in BiH is terribly shameful, threatening and scandalous, and there are no words that can describe such terrible and shameful words he uttered,” Kovačević emphasized.

He reminded that Helez called for the direct destruction of Republika Srpska and its disappearance, and that, in his opinion, it would be best for the Serb people to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina themselves, so that the Serbs, as he says, would not meet the same fate as the Serbs in Croatia, referring to the “Storm” action.

“It is shameful and scandalous that Zukan Helez believes that the solution for the one and a half million Serbs living in BiH is for them to leave themselves or for Republika Srpska to disappear and for all Serbs to be expelled in some new ‘Storm.’ Storms will not be raging over the Serbs again and that should be clear to everyone,” Kovačević said.

He stated that Zukan Helez directly threatens Republika Srpska and Serbs with “Storm” from the position of Minister of Defense in the Council of Ministers, where he should protect all nations and all citizens and the constitutional order of BiH, including Republika Srpska.

“We have been warning about it completely clearly from Srpska and from Serbia, that something like that would happen and that this shameful resolution would be used exclusively as a political tool to put pressure on Srpska, Serbia and the entire Serbian people.

Now we only hear that no one from the international community is responding to direct calls for breaking of the Dayton Agreement and endangering the Serb constituent people and Republika Srpska as one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Kovačević stressed.

He emphasized that some representatives of the international community alarm and call it an “attack on Dayton” when Srpska and Serbia together say that they will no longer tolerate violations of Dayton and that the guaranteed constitutional rights of Republika Srpska and the Serb people are being threatened.

“For the representatives of the international community or for the representatives of the American Embassy in Sarajevo, it would be much smarter and more useful if, instead of wasting time on empty and meaningless responses to presidents Milorad Dodik and Aleksandar Vučić, they would react to such shameful threats to the entire Serb people, to all citizens of Republika Srpska and Republika Srpska itself,” Kovačević said.

Helez announced that the Bosniak authorities, in light of the resolution on Srebrenica, will request the abolition of Republika Srpska, by dividing it into two cantons, and erasing its name forever.

He threatened that the Serbs would “get the short end of the stick” if they did not obey his partition plan, and end up, as he said, like the Serbs from Republika Srpska Krajina, who were expelled in the Croatian operation “Storm”.

Helez is of the opinion that it would be an “advantage” for the Serbs if they themselves moved out of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Photo: rtrs.tv

Source: srna.rs


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