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Krestic: Fully Unmask Croatia’s Genocidal Politics


Academician Vasilije Krestic said today that Jasenovac was a horrific death camp and that great manipulations of Croatia’s genocidal politics should be fully unmasked.
“Jasenovac is a horrific death camp and there can be no manipulations regarding this,” Krestic told reporters on the eve of a meeting dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia, which was held at the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade.

He added that these cruel facts are coming from Croatian sources, showing that the idea of a genocidal solution to the Serbian question in Croatia has lasted for several decades.

“It was definitely created in the Austro-Hungary for several reasons, such as geo-political reasons, but also out of a desire to create a great ethnically pure and as great as possible Roman Catholic Croatian state,” Krestic said.

He said that these sources are indisputable and that they were avoided to be discussed since they speak of cruel politics.

“This is why we have these huge manipulations, and such politics, which is genocidal in its core and which only task is to resolve the Croatian question by cruel, brutal genocide, should be fully unmasked. Once it is unmasked, we can discuss everything as neighbours,” Krestic said.

He feels that Serbian historians and politicians are to blame because the issue of Croatia’s genocidal politics has not been resolved in a serious, scientific manner. Instead, it is being politicised both in Belgrade and Zagreb.

Krestic said that one should not be surprised because the number of Serbian victims in the Jasenovac concentration camp has not been known up to date, noting that the number of people killed in the NATO bombing of Serbia has not been known yet.

“It is immoral to diminish the number of victims, but it is also immoral to exaggerate. Serbs have a casual approach to their own victims and we cannot blame anyone else for this. This is a proof of our primitivism and irresponsibility, of the desire to suppress these victims and to build some future, forgetting a huge number of lives we sacrificed throughout the 20th century up to date,” Krestic said.

Source: SRNA


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