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Krišto: Hope that in december BiH will get a date for opening negotiations


The Chairperson of the Council of Ministers Borjana Krišto has stated yesterday that from the high-level political forum between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina, politicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina are returning with positive energy and enthusiasm to make a step forward on the European path, and expressed hope that the EU institutions will recognize the progress and give a date this month for the opening of BiH’s negotiations with the EU.

“This meeting of the political forum at a high level was preceded by an informal meeting of political leaders. We heard optimistic solutions, concrete plans of what needs to be done. We have a lot of activities, laws and decisions that have been agreed at a high level, there is only the political will to harmonize them,” said Krišto at a joint press conference with the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Oliver Varhelyi.

She stressed that political leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina agreed to make a step forward in the field of reforms in the coming period, and that it was established that the candidate status granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina by the EU institutions, at that moment, was something that contributed to the stabilization of relations and political conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the faster formation of the government and progress on the reform path.

“On the other hand, that positive decision in the sense of giving a recommendation for the opening of negotiations between BiH and the EU is something recognized that the institutions and authorities in BiH have made a step forward, but that at this moment we still have to take significant steps, fulfill significant criteria, in order be credible,” stated Krišto.


Source: srna.rs


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