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Krupa on Vrbas: Magical scenesn and the sound of magic Vrbas


Krupa on Vrbas, located about 25 kilometers from Banja Luka, is a real natural pearl visited by tourists from all over the world. Cascade waterfalls, sound of water, old watermills, and promenades along the banks of the river Krupa, a beautiful wooded area are the perfect location for a break from the city bustle.

Zoran Sanković,  expert in the Banja Luka Tourism Organization said that Krupa on Vrbas is an important tourist site that abounds with rare specialties in the wider Bosnian Krajina region, and therefore also in the Banja Luka area.

Near the waterfalls in Krupa there is a church of St. Ilija within the monastery complex that dates back to the end of the 12th century, as well as the Greben town medieval ruins near the monastery.

“We have a beautiful river Krupa, a total length of about four kilometers, and in the part where it descends through the forest from the monastery to the mills, the beautiful wooded road comes to the mills where you can see how the people used to produce flour from different cereals,” Sanković said.

According to him, the tourists come mostly on weekends, when they use the opportunity to walk from watermills to the source of Krupa.

“A lot of people come to visit the monastery because the monastery is the oldest in this area, so the people who have spiritual needs can surely satisfy them in this place,” said Sanković.

Mladen Rađević is making a profit on one of the waterfalls on the Krupa waterfalls. He cultivates the land, sows corn, wheat, buckwheat, rye, barley and those cereals scrub in one of the watermills and sells its products on waterfalls. Although everything what he  doing  is very demanding because his work depends on weather conditions, he is satisfied because he can sell everything he produces and has the opportunity to work throughout the year in the place where he was born and has regular customers in Krupa on Vrbas and Banja Luka .

His ancestors also milled the grain on these waterfalls that were built some 200 years ago.

“Tourists come here from all around the world, all of Europe is here, from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia … They come from all sides and are pleased with the beautiful nature. The caps for something that they do not have where they live and stay,” he said.

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