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Kustendorf from 13th to 18th January at Mećavnik


Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival begins today, January 13th in Drvengrad, Mestavnik.

The festival, whose founder and artistic director is the celebrated director Emir Kusturica, will traditionally bring together young filmmakers and greats of world-class filmmaking.

Kustendorf will officially open on January 13 at 7:00 pm in the movie theater The Damned Avenue, after which the film “Invisible Life” by Karim Ainuz will be screened.

The Russian group “Hatters” will perform at midnight for the Orthodox New Year.

The second day of the festival, January 14th will feature the film “Human Capital” by Paolo Virzi and the film “Living for Singing” by Johnny Ma, while the midnight Jumbo Agushev Orchestra from Northern Macedonia will perform.

On Wednesday, January 15th, Puriša Đordjevic’s “Dream” will be screened, “We are all sailors” by Miguel Angel Mula and “You Will Die with Twenty” by Amjad Abu Alala, and a big band will perform at midnight.

The film “Morning” by Puriša Đorđević will be presented on the fourth day of the festival, January 16, after which it will screen “A.S. / 25 /” by Milena Grujić and “Synonyms” by Nadav Lapid.

On the last festival day, the film “Ivana the Terrible” by Ivana Mladenović and the film “Posed” by Tiago Guedes will be screened.

This year’s retrospective of the greats will be dedicated to director Puriša Djordjević, as well as to Italian director Paolo Virzi.

Three new film artists will be featured in the New Authors category, including Milena Grujić from Serbia with the movie “A.S. / 25 /” and Miguel Angel Mouleta from Peru with the movie “We are all sailors”, “Starting tomorrow” Ivan Marković and Vu Linfeng.

Contemporary Tendencies will feature the films “Invisible Life” by director Karim Ainuz, the movie “Synonyms” by director Nadal Lapid, the movie “Lake of the Wild Geese” by director Diao Jinan.

The category will also include films directed by Mehdi Barsaoui, the film “Live and Sing” by director Johnny Ma, as well as the film “You Will Die in the Twenties” by Amjad Abu Alala.

The film directors will also be guests of the festival and master workshops will be held.

As part of the accompanying program, a film by director Ivana Mladenović “Ivana Terrible” will be screened, and during the festival in Andricgrad a selection of works will be presented from the Legate House called “Moderna”.

During the festival, and after screenings and workshops, there will be a Russian band Hatters, a band from Northern Macedonia – the Jambo Agushev Orchestra, a French-Romanian-Polish band Klik here, as well as Dejan Petrović big band and Love Hunters from Serbia.

This year’s 13th Kustendorf, according to the announcement of Emir Kusturica, will be dedicated to directors.

According to him, the idea is to make this a festival of directors and to concentrate on authors who are going through a difficult period in the development of film art.

The competition program will feature 21 films by local and foreign authors.

The festival awards – Golden, Silver and Bronze Egg will feature films by young directors from China, Romania, Belarus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia, Israel, Spain, Poland, Iran, Croatia and France.

The international jury of the festival will consist of the Italian director, writer and producer Paolo Virci, French writer and screenwriter Tonino Benacquista and chess grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev.

The Vilko Filach Award for Best Photography will be presented by the French director of photography Michel Amatje.

The thirteenth Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival will be organized by the production company Rasta International and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia, Mećavnik city and TNSO.

The closing ceremony of the festival and the awarding ceremony will be held on January 18 at 22.00.




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