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Kusturica: Internationally – YES, Globalistically – NO


Renown film director Emir Kusturica said in Belgrade yesterday that the entire world is facing globalization of culture and art and that the process itself is understood differently.

Kusturica has pointed out that the international conference “Belgrade Counterpoint 2018 – Personal Views of World in Transition” was “benevolent” and presented a multiple problems the entire world is facing.

“This globalization attempt and the identification of all values with just one, here, as far as the participants from the Western hemisphere are concerned, was seen mostly in a way that is not completely critical,” Kusturica told reporters after the conference.

According to him, those who advocate such an approach do not touch the superstructure and do not concern the main line of powers in the globalization.

“On the other hand, from Cuba, through Russia to Serbia, there is a discourse that introduces follow-up question and puts practically everything, except God, under the magnifying glass,” said Kusturica.

He has also pointed out that when it comes to globalization, there is a difference in approach – they would like to discuss everything that bothers them on one hand, while on the other hand there is an idea according to which the condition and superstructure that are caught are untouchable.

“I have said that there are positive effects, too. For example, the world-famous music that I have been playing for years exists in countries that accept idea that there is no only Madonna’s music, but that there is music made by Lou Reed, too,” Kusturica has said.

He has explained that there is intent to compose musical ethno-forms in a way that they can be available to the Western world”.

“I mainly received recognitions in the West, so the mythology which I occasionally got in /during the conference/ was suitable to me internationally, but globalistically not,” said Kusturica.

Two-day International Conference “Belgrade Counterpoint 2018 – Personal Views of World in Transition” ended yesterday in Belgrade by participants signing a joint declaration.

Declaration text is identical with the last year’s, with the explanation given by Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia, Vladan Vukosavljevic, that the circumstances have not changed significantly since then.

“The declaration will be amended next year, if necessary,” Vukosavljevic has said.

The text of the declaration reads that creativity does not endure the imposed truth and limitations, regardless of where they are coming from.

“The world’s entertainment and anti-culture industry, taking a dangerous course, strives to be fully dominant,” the declaration reads.

It has been pointed out that the culture must contribute to the multidimensionality of the world and help educate an individual under epochal pressure.

Participants in the International Conference “Belgrade Counterpoint 2018” were writers Zhang Kangkang from China, Gunnar Kvaran from Norway, Yury Poyakov from the Russian Federation, Francisco Lopez Sacha from Cuba, David Homel from Canada and Vladimir Pistalo from Serbia.

During follow-up programme, a panel discussion was held on the topic “Culture on the Silk Road” dedicated to the cultural connections between Serbia and China, as well as the importance of China for World Cultural Heritage.

The event was organsed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia and the Centre for Cultural Development Studies. 


Source: srna


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