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Kusturica: Preserve our culture and affiliation to orthodox civilization


The celebrated Serb and world film director Emir Kusturica says the survival of cultures in different sides of the world depends on many circumstances, but the most important would be devotion to religion as the most important content of the people fighting for survival.

“In the past ten years, the globalist underground seemed to support cultural diversity in the world. In the end, it appeared only sexual diversity has been supported. All in order to reduce the number of people in the semi-empty planet and world map,” Kusturica said.

He emphasized that Republika Srpska was one of those cultures that arose much before the disintegration of the multicultural system of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which they distroyed and made it.

“Yugoslavia was not made by its peoples, but the globalists who is destroying the world today. Therefore, all available energy and the affiliation to Orthodox civilization should be focused on, not forgetting the suffering of our people in the last two centuries and three big wars”, pointed out Kusturica.

Then, like now, he pointed out, we were on the right side of history.

“And this time, between nonfreedom and freedom, we choose freedom, between the truth and lie, we choose the truth. For free Republika Srpska!,” says the celebrated film director in his SRNA statement on January 9, the Republika Srpska Day.


Photo: Siniša Pašalić/Ringier

Source: srna.rs


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