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Labor law won’t be adopted this year


The new labor law, insisted on by the International Monetary Fund, won’t be adopted this year said the President of the Trade Unions of Srpska, Ranka Misic, adding that the unions have the support of the government in their objection to such a legislation.

The IMF insists not only on rendering the new labor law, but is trying to influence its form which is unacceptable, stressed Misic and added that the IMF is not a typical creditor, that it dictates key reforms in a country.

She added that IMF’s presence has only lead to countries becoming financially enslaved and loosing their ability to make independent decisions.

Misic says that the IMF is not working for employers in Srpska, but that it is creating a favorable environment and that this law would allow such people to do what they want in Srpska.

All rights protected by the indefinite period employment contract will be lost under the new contract, noted Misic, adding that under this law agencies that rent workers will be established throughout Srpska.

According to her, the new labor law would virtually abolish all rights governed by a collective agreement – seniority, severance pay in redundancy and retirement, disciplinary proceedings, annual vacation and reimbursements.


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