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Lana Pudar also set a World Junior Championships Record!


The fantastic Bosnian swimmer Lana Pudar yesterday won the gold medal in the 200 meters butterfly at the World Junior Championships and set an all-time record for this event.

Today, in the Israeli city of Netanya, a young girl from Mostar won the title of world champion in the junior competition with an impressive performance, showing that she really is the best in that competition.

Pudar won the gold medal with a time of 2:07.20 without any problems, leaving the competition far behind. The second was Bella Grant from Australia with a time of 2:08.97, while the third was the Italian Paola Borrelli with a time of 2:10.89.

Of course, such a good time did not go unnoticed. The organizers of the competition have confirmed an impressive fact, namely that this time is the best in history at the world junior championships, the competitions through which the world’s best female swimmers have passed.

It’s a continuation of the fantastic performances this summer. At the European Junior Championships, she won all three gold medals, at the World Senior Championships she finished in fourth place, and now she has had a dominant start at the World Junior Championships as well.

Lana has two more performances in Israel, namely the 50 and 100 meter dolphin, Klix.ba reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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