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Lavrov: The High Representative has a destabilising role in BiH


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the protectorate in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is sustained thanks to the position of the High Representative is disabling the country’s development and hindering the process of reconciliation.

“The High Representative has a destabilising role in BiH,” Lavrov told the Greek media, Tass reports. 
According to him, the protectorate is disabling BiH’s development and the process of reconciliation and removes the country from the strict implementation of the peace treaty, even though the High Representative was put in office to supervise the treaty. 

“Now they are trying to discredit the elections in BiH and create an impression that the victory of the Serb leader Milorad Dodik is illegal,” he added. 

Lavrov pointed out that building the presence of NATO and the EU in the Balkans leads to a destabilisation of Europe. 

“The position in the Balkans is a cause for concern. We see that NATO and the EU are speeding up the efforts for further ‘conquering’ of the region, where the countries are demanded to make a false choice – either with Moscow or with Washington and Brussels,” said Lavrov. 

Such activities according to Lavrov lead to a further destabilisation of the security structure in Europe, increasing tensions and new lines of division.


Source: srna




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