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Law basis for filing lawsuit against NATO members states found


The head of the legal team of the Serbian Royal Academy, Srdjan Aleksic, told that this team came to the legal basis for filing a lawsuit against NATO member states for provoking a humanitarian and ecological disaster during the bombing of Serbia by using depleted uranium.

Aleksic has explained that this legal team came to six final judgments issued by the Italian courts, which established the existence of a “Balkan syndrome”, i.e. the tie between cancer and staying in Kosovo and Metohia, which NATO bombed with bombs containing depleted uranium.

He has stated that these judgments order compensations to Italian soldiers /who served in the KFOR/ who were on a mission in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija and BiH, in the areas bombed by NATO using depleted uranium, and who were diagnosed with cancer, leukemia and other serious diseases.

Aleksic has pointed out that these verdicts, which were translated into the Serbian language, established the cause-and-effect ties between their three-month-stay in Kosoco and cancer.

“So now we have a legal basis for our lawsuit. It is not just a theory by those NATO lobbyists and doctors who keep saying that uranium is not harmful.” There are six final judgments issued by the Italian courts, and it is a country with a serious judiciary and doctors,” Aleksic has stressed.

He says Italian soldiers sued the Italian Ministry of Defence for sending them to the places in Kosovo and Metohija that had been bombed with bombs containing depleted uranium, without adequate equipment, after which they were diagnosed with cancer.

Aleksic has added that the lawyer’s team headed by him, would file individual lawsuits against NATO members that jointly bombed Serbia, before their national courts for using uranium banned by international regulations.

“So their theory that uranium is not harmful fails. They do not deny that they bombard us, but deny that uranium is harmful to health. We have physical evidence now,” Aleksic has said.

Aleksic has said that the south of Serbia – Vranje, Plajkovica and four villages in the vicinity of Presevo – was bombed with bombs containing depleted uranium, and that the largest number of citizens suffering from cancer, who have nothing to do with the army or participation in the war, live there.

“They breathe, eat food, drink polluted, irradiated water. More than 80 percent of deceased persons from these villages in the south of Serbia died of cancer,” said Aleksic, whose mother is diagnosed with cancer.

He has stressed that the plan is to file the lawsuit in two years, and that more than a thousand residents diagnosed with cancer, as well as families of cancer deceased, have reported to his team of lawyers.

Aleksic has added that an international congress is planned to be held in the coming period, with the participation of scientists from the world and Europe dealing with depleted uranium.

He says the plan is to form an international coalition of lawyers from Western Europe countries, Russia, China, India, who will participate in writing lawsuit against NATO members.

Aleksic has said that significant support is provided by the International Association of Russian Lawyers from Moscow, working in 65 countries, which is willing to participate in the writing of lawsuit and representation of Serbian citizens.

He has said that all members of the team and the lawyers are working free of charge on this case, and that the plan is to form a group of intellectuals from the south of Serbia – professors, doctors, scientists from various fields, who will support this case, by the end of the year.

Aleksic has pointed out that great success was achieved in China, where a film about NATO bombing and crimes as well as on the suffering of the Serbian people is being broadcasted on the national television in six sequels, adding that the reaction of the citizens of China is fantastic and they support Serbia.

He has stressed that this film will also be shown on Russian televisions, French television “24 Hours” and one Polish TV. 


Source: srna


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