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Law on Immovable Property passed


The National Assembly of Republika Srpska adopted the Law on Immovable Property used for the Functioning of the Public Authority, which regulates the property used by the subjects exercising that authority after signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH.

64 deputies voted for this legal solution, of which 45 were in favor, four against, while 15 abstained.

The reasons for the adoption of this law stem from the fact that the Constitution of BiH divided the public power of the entities and institutions of BiH, and the Constitution of Republika Srpska prescribes that the Republic regulates and ensures, among other things, property and obligation relations and the protection of all forms of property, but that the law that precisely defines immovable property used for the functioning of public authorities was not brought.

It is about immovable property that is registered as the property of subjects in the public records on immovable property, the management of which is the responsibility of the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs.

National Assembly voted the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Republika Srpska, Alen Šeranić, as the Vice-President of the Government of Srpska from among the Bosniak people, and the Minister of Justice of Srpska, Miloš Bukejlović, as the Vice-President of the Government of Srpska from among the Croat people.

Under urgent procedure MPs adopted the Law on the Repeal of the Law on Special Republic Taxes, the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Fund and Financing of Environmental Protection of Republika Srpska, and the Law on Amendments to the Law on Republic Administration.

The MPs also adopted the Decision on accepting the indebtedness of Republika Srpska to the European Investment Bank for the project “Medical Complex of Banjaluka”, as well as the Law on Metrology in Republika Srpska.

The President of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, Nenad Stevandić, concluded today’s session of the fifth special session of the parliament, stating that the deputies would be informed about the date of the continuation of the session in a timely manner.


Source: srna.rs


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