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Lechanteux: The BiH Constitutional Court Is Working to Implement the Bosniak Political Agenda


The proposal of the resolution on the reform of the Constitutional Court of BiH for the termination of the mandate of foreign judges was sent today to the President of the European Parliament for decision-making and further procedure.

According to RTRS, a parliamentary question was prepared to the European External Action Service and EU High Representative Joseph Borrell regarding Kosovo and Metohija, which reads:

“Given that the EU has been in the dialogue between Serbia and Kosmet since 2001, does the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy consider it appropriate to discuss the same status on the Republic of Srpska issue?”

This is slowly opening up issues that used to be a taboo topic among people in the EU, and who care about justice and democracy.

The document was officially sent by the French parliamentarian Julie Lechanteux, who answered the questions exclusively for the Press: Why did they decide to send a resolution, and what is the future of BiH with foreign judges on the path to European integration?

In an interview with RTRS, he emphasizes that he expects to start a debate on that institution, which, he says, is “very controversial in BiH”.

– The Constitutional Court, in which three foreign judges work hand in hand with two Bosniak judges, is constantly outvoting Serbs and Croats and working on the implementation of the Bosniak political agenda, violating Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Agreement – Lechanteux emphasized.




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