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Legalization of Salute “for Home Ready ” – Identification With NDH


The Head of the Committee on Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Serbian Parliament Miodrag Linta has assessed that Croatia, by legalizing the salute “For Home Ready”, fully identifies itself with the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/ and thus justifies genocide committed against Serbs in World War II.

Reacting to the verdict of the High Misdemeanor Court in Zagreb that the salute “For Home Ready” at the beginning of Thompson’s Serb-hating song “Bojna Čavoglave” is not a misdemeanor, Linta said that it is one in a series of proofs that Croatia is an Ustasha country, by its character, i.e. based on furious hatred of Serbs.

“The use of the Ustasha salute “For Home Ready” is a hate crime, and in Croatia there will no longer be even a violation against public order and peace”, Linta warned.

According to him, there are no racial laws and concentration camps in today’s Croatia as there were in NDH, but there is no need for that because Tuđman’s regime expelled more than half a million Serbs, killed and tortured Serbs in Croatian cities during and after Croatian criminal war-police actions, destroyed, abducted and looted Serbs` property.

He especially emphasized that the second phase of rehabilitation of NDH and the Ustasha movement began in Croatia since joining the EU in 2013, which in practice means constant incitement to hatred, tolerance of violence, declaring organized physical and verbal attacks on Serbs isolated incidents.

“The remaining Serbs are sent an ominous message to move out or assimilate, and the expelled Serbs not to return to their centuries-old homes and to give up their property and land. The current authority, like the previous ones, looks favorably on the Ustasha movement and contributes to its normalization in Croatian society”, Linta said.

He has stated that it is completely normal in Croatia for the Parliament to be the patron, and the Catholic Church serves Mass to the killed Ustasha criminals in Bleiburg, the Committee on Diaspora and Serbs in the Region announced.

“All the facts confirm that Croatia is not capable of being a modern European state, but only a country of hatred and intolerance towards Serbs, which is increasingly becoming a threat to peace and stability in the region”, Linta concluded.

Croatian media write that the High Misdemeanor Court in Zagreb decided that the salute “For Home Ready!” at the beginning of the song “Bojna Čavoglave” by Marko Perković Thompson is not a violation against public order and peace.


Source: SRNA


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