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Livne: Center – Link between Srpska and Israel


Banjaluka, September 3  – The president of the Jewish Cultural Centre in Banjaluka, Arie Livne, said this evening that the main objective of this institution is to be a link between Republika Srpska and Israel, the Jewish world and Jews no matter where they live. “As I pointed out may times, I see an organisation in the Jewish Cultural Centre in Banjaluka, something that will connect the peoples of BiH and the neighbourhood, which will serve humanism, freedom of speech and writing, and we will do everything to realise this,” Livne told reporters at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the opening of this institution.

At the beginning of the “Days of Israel and Jewish Culture” event he said that the Jewish Cultural Centre will be a centre of belief that all people are equal, that no one has a greater right to live freely.

Livne said that this Centre will maintain the connections with the Jewish world in America and Europe.

The director of the “Arie Livne” Jewish Cultural Centre, Djordje Mikes, said that Jewish artists, photographers, painters, musicians, will be presented at a two-day event in Republika Srpska, who in their own way thank Livne for everything he did.

“An exhibition of caricatures of Djoka Ninkovic will be held, after which a concert of Sephardic music will be held. The event will continue tomorrow when an Israeli movie will be shown,” Mikes said.

The High Representative to BiH, Valentin Inzko, said at the opening of the event that it is not hard to speak about Israel or the Jewish culture since this is our “joint culture” having in mind “where Jesus Christ was born.”

“Whatever we hear about Israel, everything sounds familiar to us, like we all were there, watching the life of Jesus Chris. Israel is so fascinating country, and uniqueness is that they are all different, while having common goals, which is a message for all of us,” Inzko said.

The Republika Srpska Minister of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, Zlatan Kokic, the Assistant Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Governance, Milanka Sopin, Banjaluka Mayor Slobodan Gavranovic, the General Consul of Serbia in Banjaluka, Vladimir Nikolic, and numerous guests attended the “Days of Israel and Jewish Culture” event.

Source: SRNA
Photo: www.novosti.rs


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