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Ljiljana Vreća From Pale Makes Beautiful Furniture for Barbie Dolls


Ljiljana Vreća (36) was born in Sarajevo, where she spent part of her life. She continued her education in Pale, where after high school she graduated from the Faculty of Economics, majoring in marketing. She is currently employed by a private paper wholesale company. She is married and the mother of a little girl named Maria.

Two years ago, Ljiljana decided to start a mini-business and realize her childhood dreams.

The love for barbie dolls that Ljiljana had when she was a child, came back when her daughter wanted to have a home for her barbies. Daughter Marija was, at the same time, the inspiration for starting a mini business.

– Even as a little girl I showed great love for barbies and dolls. Since it was a war period, we improvised the game, the beds were books or cardboard boxes. After 25 years my little girl wanted furniture for her barbies. When I couldn’t find it anywhere in the shops, I sat down and made my first two-seater. Then I made it for her friend, and then for another one, and that’s how it all started – says Ljiljana.

To make furniture in miniature proportions, he uses various materials that abound in their quality, such as wood, sponge, cotton, and plush materials.

– I offer a living room (sofa, two-seater, armchair, stools, coffee table), bedroom (double bed, wardrobe, makeup table), children’s room (small bed, small wardrobe, bunk bed, rocking chair), and dining room (table with chairs).

The process of making furniture itself takes a lot of time. It takes up to two hours to make one armchair. The whole process is done according to the designs and measures, as well as according to the wishes of the customers.


















– Each piece of furniture is made separately. For example, one armchair consists of 6 parts (bottom, back, sponge parts, and armchairs). Each part is separately covered with canvas, so it is glued one by one. For painting, I use acrylic paints and water-based eco varnish. I cut wooden furniture at the carpenter’s and decorate it with the decoupage technique – says Ljiljana.

Making furniture for barbies has become a hobby for many in the last two years. Regardless of the competition that appeared on the market, Ljiljana pointed out that she was satisfied with the interest in her handicrafts, as well as the reactions of parents and their children.

– When I started doing this business 2 years ago, I was the only one on the market. This is definitely something that should be “cultivated” in the future. It would be nice to have a store of these miniatures. Given the time I can set aside to make the furniture and I am more than satisfied, I can’t even achieve everything that is required. So far, I have had only words of praise and very positive reactions from both parents and children.


















Interest in miniature furniture exists in many cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the region. Namely, Ljiljana expressed her satisfaction with the orders that come to her every day from Serbia.

– So far, I have sent furniture to many cities in BiH, even to Serbia. I was thinking about selling overseas because they have platforms where you can sell handicrafts all over the world.

The handicraft that is created in Pale, in a family atmosphere, is currently being placed on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

A platform that would enable the sale of furniture abroad and a miniature store are the wishes that Ljiljana would like to realize in the near future.




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