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Ljubomir Stanišić is the owner of the best restaurant in the world!


The story starts in war Sarajevo in 1992, when a mother with several plastic bags and two children flees from a city where life does not smell like “merak”, kadif and jewels. Scene the second, a years later: 15-year-old Ljubomir Stanišić, the only male head of the family, in the zigzag’s night, signs the Dorcol (Belgrade) cobblestones on the way to a bakery shift, firing a piece of bread to feed his family. The third scene: Lisbon, the dawn of dawn. After the rush of the night in the park, on the banks of the Tezo River, Ljubomir gives himself an oath: “Or I will be something, or I will not be!”

In Portugal, it is said that whoever tells a tale adds a point. Ljubomir Stanisic added 100. To the history of a country at war, the former Yugoslavia, where he was born, he added his escape to Portugal in 1997, where he found peace (and love). A match more than perfect, as this is the literal translation of the name “Ljubomir”.

The experience with Vítor Sobral, with whom he worked and who, more than mentor, became almost a second father, was essential for the cook (chef is a title that doesn’t excite him) that he has become today.

Restaurant “100 maneiras”, which was declared the best restaurant in the world in 2017, dedicated to his mother Rosa.

The opening of the first 100 Maneiras, in Cascais, (in 2004)  was a bittersweet story. It was in the restaurant of the Hotel Villa Albatroz that Ljubo published his first book, that he became known by the world, won prizes.

The “100 Maneiras” (100 ways) were gained early in childhood when his mother, Rosa, cooked the ubiquitous potatoes in many different ways, day after day, stimulating the imagination of Ljubo, who has already earned the title of the most creative chef to work in Portugal.

On the “Bistro 100 maneiras”, the second Ljubina restaurant, is a specialty menu.

– I put Burek for my soul, and then it turned out to be the most popular product, it is most ordered. Here comes and these our footballers playing for Benfica. Even Ronaldo loves our burek.  Sulejmani was thrilled, says that this helped him to overcome the nostalgia for Serbia, says Ljubomir, who does not have a favorite meal, loves everything, but mostly fish and seafood, on whose shores he shoots shows and lives when he is not in Lisbon.



Source: tst/100maneiras.com


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