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Local Elections to Be Held on October 4 This Year


 The Central Election Commission /CEC/ BiH issued today in Sarajevo a decision to call and hold local elections on October 4 this year.
The decision was made unanimously and does not include the city of Mostar, for which elections will be called after the conditions for its holding are met.

The decision to close the Central Electoral Register with May 6 at midnight was also adopted at today’s session.

By that time, 3,374,364 voters were registered in the Central Electoral Register, including the voters from Mostar – 100,474 of them.

This electoral register will be used for the development of the provisional electoral register.

BiH CEC member Suad Arnautović stresses the necessity to prevent double voting, i.e. one should not be allowed to vote at the Mostar elections if exercised one’s right to vote in the October elections.


Source: SRNA


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