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London and Vlora postponing UN Security Council session in New York


UN Security Council session on Kosovo-Metohija, scheduled for October 31, seems to be highly uncertain, “Vecernje novosti” reports.

The newspaper states that the United Kingdom appears to be behind this plan.

In today’s issue, the paper states that the session could be adjourned for “a bizarre reason” because, as it learns, Kosovo Ambassador to US, Vlora Chitaku is reportedly unable to attend the session.

According to “Novosti” findings, the United Kingdom, which is taking over the chairing of the Security Council from November 1, stands behind it, so that the agenda proposed a month ago could, at its discretion, be changed or the issue of Kosovo debate removed from the agenda.

Former Foreign Minister Vladislav Jovanovic said, that “this could be a maneuver by Albanian patrons to remove Kosovo issue from the UN”, adding that he believes that this will not pass.

He stated that even if Chitaku is prevented, someone can come from Pristina and express their position.

It is possible that the British want Kosovo and Metohija to be an issue when they take over the presidency, lead the debate without exclusion and do not even plan it in their mandate.

“Vecernje novosti” concludes that’s exactly what they did two years ago in August, when they refused to put the report on Kosovo and Metohija on the agenda.


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