Home Entertainment “Lost in Brooklyn” at the National Theater of Republika Srpska

“Lost in Brooklyn” at the National Theater of Republika Srpska

Theater Republika Srpska

The play “Lost in Brooklyn”, portraying the hard life of our people in America and the hope of achieving the American dream, directed by Vladimir Djordjevic, will be performed at the National Theater of Republika Srpska.

Admirers of the performing arts will have the opportunity to enjoy the creations of talented actors from Banja Luka, Zeljko Erkic and Vladimir Djordjevic.

Apart from Erkic and Djordjevic, the stage will be inhabited by a video projector, or as Erkic refers to it “the third actor”, which makes this play a modern multimedia performance.

Furthermore, Erkic plays the role of Joe Moler, the author of this piece, which makes this play all the more unique. He stated that his success in portraying the role will be measured by the number of audience members who ask themselves whether they should leave their country and start a life in a foreign land.

Erkic and Djordjevic revealed that the play might one day become a film.


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